Monday, January 14, 2013

Devastating Diet Detours

Just two weeks into 2013 my weight loss train is is officially back on schedule. Last week, I lost 1.6 pounds! Woo-Woo! (That was the railroad engineer blowing the whistle.) Now, I just need to stick to the timetable and avoid derailment. My itinerary is rather simple. Leaving today, I want to shed 46.2 pounds by June 30th, 2013. Will I make it to my final destination on time?

I'll cover this distance by logging my food intake and exercise with MyNetDiary Pro on my iPhone. At least five times a week I'll be running, biking, swimming, lifting and/or training. Although, my nutritional intake and fitness remain on target much of the time. I still manage to totally BLOW it - like yesterday!

Yesterday, I made breakfast for the entire family baking calorie-laden berry muffins and a cheesy egg, hash brown, veggie bacon and cheese casserole. This one meal devoured my calorie threshold for the entire day. Since I was already in the hole, late that day I ate an ice cream sundae and potato chips with dip leftover from our New Year's party. UGH! Why did I do that?

Today, I made a list of devastating diet detours. These are the food cravings or bad habits continually plaguing my progress.

Devastating Diet Detours
ice cream covered in chocolate sauce
potato chips with top the tator
tortilla chips
cheese and crackers
popcorn (I eat far too much at once, my digestive track is messed up for days.)
dining out without a plan

Some of these detours are avoidable, and I've already been successful at circumnavigating them. The kryptonite-like foods, like ice cream and potato chips, I simply don't purchase in the grocery store. Why set myself up for failure? Other items, like cheese, I measure portion size and include it in my daily caloric intake. If I sit down in front of the television with a block of cheese and box of crackers, I hit the point of no return fairly quickly. How about you?

The last three are perhaps the most problematic, desserts, dining out and overeating. Desserts are difficult to calculate in terms of calories, especially if not prepared personally. I generally avoid them, but if I do indulge I share it with someone eating only a couple bites. When dining out I generally take the time to research the restaurant's menu options and nutritional content online before I go. I fit the calories in my daily plan making adjustments to my other meals. Overeating is a major road block for me and the biggest reason I'm overweight. I've successfully bypassed it over the last year by consistently logging my calories, weighing portion sizes and eating regularly.

All-Aboard! I've got my rail pass, and this train is sticking to the timetable. You're welcome to hop aboard. I'd love some company.

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