Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday Carrot Juice Versus Cake

Last weekend I celebrated my 42nd birthday. Well, I love carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese frosting. Hold the raisins, please. I've never been a big fan of raisins in carrot cake. My grandmother always made it that way, and I picked them out.
I told my daughter that I'd like a giant piece of carrot cake for my birthday. Lately, she's exhibited some genuine enthusiasm in regards to my weight loss, nutritional goals and training schedule. "Mom, I think we should make some fresh carrot juice instead of baking a cake for your birthday. It'll be a lot healthier," she suggested. I couldn't believe my ears!

Okay... Yes!
I was a teeny, TINY bit disappointed that I wouldn't be indulging in a rich, luscious, sweet slice of heaven, but at least the carrot juice wouldn't sink my caloric battleship.

Out came the juicer and a ten pound bag of organic carrots purchased at Costco. Four large carrots make one cup of juice containing 94 calories and lots of vitamin A. My birthday carrot juice was so delicious and GUILT FREE!

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