Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blogging and Logging

For those of you who stop by and read my blog, you've probably noticed it's really hit or miss. Some weeks I have a lot to say and others not so much. I installed a couple gadgets in the margin of this blog. One allows you to subscribe to my blog. The other sends you an email containing my latest blog post. I hope you keep reading and commenting, and I'll work on my consistency.

I do hope you find inspiration in these entries. My intention is not to be a braggart, and I'm definitely not claiming discovery of some sure fire way to lose weight. I'm merely sharing my experiences, solidifying my own commitment to a healthier lifestyle and encouraging others to be good stewards of their bodies. If there is a topic you'd like me to write about please let me know.

Lately, with the winter months just around the corner and temperatures dropping to sub zero, I've been considering joining a health club. My family and I belonged to the Maplewood Community Center for many years, and during the first several months of our membership I would go three to five times a week. I was working from home or freelancing on location. My toddler was with me most of the time, and the center offered low fee childcare. It provided a much needed break from mommy duty.

I enjoyed swimming laps, discovered the elliptical machine and realized the benefits of strength training. I lost quite a bit of weight. Then, I became pregnant with my second child. I continued working out until I was well into my third trimester. When I began feeling uncomfortable and had to break for the bathroom every 15 minutes, I took a hiatus.

Unfortunately, my daughter's delivery did not go smoothly. I had a cesarean followed by a serious infection. After a series of CT procedures involving a rather long needle inserted into my abdominal area to drain an abscess, I sported a medical drain for a few weeks and was prescribed antibiotics to prevent a reoccurrence.

For an entire year after my c-section, I didn't feel well. My own body was working against me. It was poisoning me. I was constantly tired, weak and lethargic. Needless to say, the workout routines stopped, and I once again gained weight. Finally, a year after the birth of my daughter I underwent another major abdominal surgery to remove a fistula and repair a leaking bowel, the source of the problem no doubt.

I never did get back to regular workouts in Maplewood, and we moved to a new city a couple years ago canceling our membership. It has taken me years to get back on the fitness bandwagon. My lovely daughter is now 11 years old, and over the course of those years I've tried to get motivated to lose weight, had periods of time where I was making progress but for the most part I've been apathetic. I love to eat, and my job is sedentary. Those factors work against me daily, and I was willing to accept this inconceivably as irreversible momentum.

The change was brought about by my declining health and self admitted gluttony. I've told you all about the iPhone app I use, MyNetDiary Pro. This app was... is... my lifeline - pure and simple. It forced me to start logging. It made me take responsibility for what I was sticking in my giant pie hole. It provided an easy and convenient way for me to document my exercise, and it tempted me to push harder. The calories I was expending by unplanting my carcass from the couch and running, walking or biking was making a difference. The charts and analysis available to me as a user of MyNetDiary Pro testify to my success thus far.

Here's a screen snapshot from my iPhone application taken last Saturday. I burned 1499 calories over four hours at the Shoreview Community Center. This if the facility I'm thinking about joining, at least for the winter months. This is remarkable considering I couldn't even run for a full minute 11 months back. I definitely don't expect to get in this much exercise everyday. I simply don't have that much free time, but it's fun to do once in a while. Plus, I was excited to try out all the machines!

In sum, logging has been essential to my weight loss. I encourage all of you to take a look at MyNetDiary. If you don't own a smart phone you can log into the website and track using the online tools. My food and exercise logs provide a bevy of information that MyNetDiary boils down into usable information that helps me improve my nutrition and set realistic goals. I know it's very cliche, but if I can do this so can you! Good luck.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can a picture be worth a 1000 words?

My sister texted me this picture last week with the message, "I am so flipping PROUD of u." It brought me to tears. I can't believe I ever let myself get so overweight. If I hadn't come to the stark realization in January that I had to make significant change in my eating habits and improve my physical fitness, I would have continued to push the limits of my bathroom scale jeopardizing my health and happiness. Thank you to all who have been so supportive by listening, reading and responding.

Fishing off the Florida coast - November 2010

Roller skating with my Girl Scouts - November 2012
This is after a 91.2 lbs. weight loss.
My goal weight is now 47.8 lbs. away.
I can actually see my feet when I look down!

BMI Chart - November 2012
This screen shot is from my
MyNetDiary Pro iPhone application.
Weight Chart - November 2012
This screen shot is from my
MyNetDiary Pro iPhone application. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tale of the Tape

Now that I've managed to reach another mile marker on my journey. I decided to move off the scale this time and check the measuring device so many diet and exercise gurus claim is the most important. So, here it is...

The Tale-Tale-Tale of the Tape-Tape-Tape...
 (Imagine, like I do, trumpets and a booming voice with lots of reverb heralding this announcement.)

My Body Measurements from Start 1/6/12 to Current 11/12/12 - Gulp!

Waist from 50" to 39.5"
What?!? I've lost a total of 10.5 inches off my waist! I bought a new belt when I hit size 18 a few months ago. As of today, I need to either add another hole or buy a smaller belt.

Hips 52" to 44.5"
Total loss of 7.5 inches. Oh, yeah! It's time for some new jeans, too. Size 14!!!

Chest 53" to 42.5"
This one's a bit sad, especially for my hubby, but at least the girls won't bounce as much when I work out. Hey, maybe I can even workout without a bra! Ugh... nope. I tried that last night. Ouch!

Neck 17" to 14.5"
Still not a pencil neck, but at least I have one less chin.

And finally, this... this is what my doctor was amped about the last time I saw her.

Are you ready?

BMI 46.8 to 32
I am leaving obese and approaching the overweight category on the body mass indicator chart. I can't wait to be overweight!!!! Um, wait...

BMI Chart from SPARKDIET Resource Center -

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Indian Indulgences

I love Indian food but loading my plate during the ubiquitous lunch buffet causes a serious calorie count conundrum. Honestly, I can't even begin to calculate every calorie consumed. Mouthwatering mysteries like chana masala, malai kofta or kheer contain unfamiliar ingredients. On top of that, there's the serving size stumbling block of all-you-can-eat. Often I feel out of control and regretful before, during and after my indulgence.

So, how do I figure the final calorie count? Well, I've actually abandoned dissecting the entire meal and decreed each plateful to hold 400 calories. If I go back for seconds, which I invariably do, the calorie count reaches 800 calories. Eeek! For a girl trying to keep her daily intake to 1146 calories, an Indian lunch buffet has the ability to blow my entire day. I don't let it!

You see, if I spend just 30 minutes on my elliptical, take a run or hop on my bike later I can quarterback my overall count by increasing calories expended. After all, a single meal won't ruin my many months of hard work. I'm truly committed to a lifestyle change when it comes to eating and exercise habits. A big part of that is taming the tides by creating a natural ebb and flow.