Monday, June 25, 2012

Feeling the Burn

Wow! My legs are sore today. My thighs feel like they're on fire. I'm attributing it to all the yard work on Saturday and biking on Sunday. It was unbelievably disappointing to get on the scale this morning and not see the numbers budge. I'm feeling the pain without the gain! I should really rewrite that last sentence and replace gain with loss. I definitely don't want to see any gain.

My legs are dangling off a loathsome weight loss plateau. The scale refuses to give in, and it's going on a couple weeks. The number moves up slightly and then back down. I usually weigh myself twice in the morning just to make sure the first number I get is valid. Once I stepped on the scale discovering I'd lost 15 pounds overnight. Upon closer inspection I discovered an earring back on the floor under the scale. Boy, that might have been some kind of record for weight lost in a single day if true. I'd make a fortune pedaling a drop it quick diet and exercise plan. Alas, it was a false reading. I wish this plateau was just as bogus!

Frustrated and anxious to get this show on the road I've pushed myself physically over the past week. Believe me I've heard it all before "it's more about losing inches" and "muscle weighs more than fat." I'm sorry, but these simple facts don't salve the irritation especially when I still have 70 pounds to go! Googling weight plateau results in numerous articles about increasing exercise and blaming inaccuracy in food intake recordings. Now's not the time to get lazy! I get it, and I'm not. Although staying positive without the negative feedback from the scale is wearying.

Early on the instant gratification motivated me. During the first month I dropped 20 pounds, and I began working even harder. Since the initial loss it's averaged 8-10 pounds a month. My practical self knows this journey is a long haul. It's a lifestyle change not a mere diet, and once I've finally arrived at the destination the next leg begins. All the while, my foolish self hungers for more immediate results and a giant piece of chocolate cake.

Feeling the burn in my thighs today serves to remind me that I'm building muscle and improving my body composition. Feeling the burn confirms I'm giving this my all. Feeling the burn means I'm making progress even if the scale refuses to show it.

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  1. Don't focus on losing -- RELEASE it! You can do this!