Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crossing My Legs

One of the things I can do now that I've been unable to do for some time is cross my legs. Crossing my legs was virtually impossible and really uncomfortable. At nearly 300 pounds the bulk on my legs and stomach prevented me from enjoying such a seemingly effortless position. Sitting sideways on my hip could get me close. More often than not I tucked my legs to the side or let them fall open if in jeans.

The small wins surrounding my weight loss and fitness goals are beginning to add up. My bike is a lot more comfortable to ride 70 pounds lighter, I don't get winded climbing a flight of stairs and I can't wait for my next plane trip. The last few vacations began by requesting a seat belt extension from a flight attendant. It was embarrassing, and I hated the reminder of my personal failure. I hope to never, ever have to ask for an extender again. I write "hope" because I know that keeping the weight off is going to be an even bigger challenge after losing it.

Right now, I am still in weight loss mode and plan to drop an additional 70 pounds. My ultimate goal is to weigh 150 pounds. For a 5'6" woman this is toward the top of what's considered "normal" weight. I've had two doctors warn me that 150 may be unrealistic for my body makeup, but I think its doable. My immediate objective is to dip under 200 pounds. Then, I want to hit 185 pounds to pull me out of the "obese" category and into "overweight." What a thought! I can't wait to be just "overweight."

I'm looking forward to shopping for clothes in a store that's not Lane Bryant, Catherine's or plus size only and reviewing new health insurance options. Since I am self employed I purchase my health insurance as an individual and do not qualify for a group policy or pricing. In the past, several health insurance companies turned me down due to obesity. Since I live in the state of Minnesota I am able to purchase health insurance through Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association paying significantly more than the average premium for a comparable plan. On top of the physical benefits, my weight loss may help financially.

Sometimes the small things like crossing legs and saving money on health insurance keep a person motivated. Since the summit is still several months away I may as well enjoy a few vistas on the ascent.

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