Sunday, October 7, 2012

Take Time to Enjoy the Scenery

What a beautiful day! I know there are only a few more nice days before winter, and I definitely took advantage of it. I went for a bike ride even though my legs were tired from yesterday's run. I think it actually alleviated some of the muscle tightness along the back of my legs.

As I set out, I determined right away that I wasn't going to push in terms of speed. Since I'm working to increase my cycling mileage, I need to extend my routes. So, today I toured my area in hopes of finding and exploring new trails. I definitely do not want to be stuck circling the lake in Central Park 20 times to makeup 20 miles. Maybe this winter if that's the only area cleared of snow I'll have to settle, but hopefully, I have another couple months before that happens.

I should mention that my husband recently bought me some new cycling wear. I am so thankful! Today, I wore a thermal soft-shell under an outer wind/rain stopper jacket, and it was perfect. The material successfully wicked away the sweat keeping me chill-free for the ride's duration.

My tour took me north along a familiar route around Lake Owasso in Shoreview, down to Roseville's Central Park and around Bennett Lake. Then, I started making it up as I went along. I took Victoria Street to the Reservoir Woods trail and from there to McCarrons Lake. I happened upon Villa Park and cycled through it ending up at Dale Street, Finally I headed back home. In all, it was 16.1 miles. It took me an hour and a half to complete. For a nice leisurely ride, I managed to burn 1053 calories.

Here's a link to my route - Bike Route 10/6/12

I'm not a world class athlete in training. I'm on this journey to lose weight, improve my health and relieve stress. I need to remind myself of that more often and take time to enjoy the scenery.

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