Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four to 199

Just four more pounds before I meet a major milestone on my weight loss journey. The wait (or weight) is barely tolerable. After nearly ten months of earnest calorie counting and exercising I'm on the brink of breaking from the two hundreds. Oh, yeah! The curvy number 2 will no longer occupy the hundreds place on my bathroom scale.

At 199 my body mass index or BMI still falls inside the obese zone, but it's a heck of a lot lower than where I started. 90 pounds off and 49 left to go with 180 pounds as my next waypoint. At 180, I'll finally be overweight! Yes, believe it or not I'm actually amped to be overweight. At 5'6" my final destination is 150 pounds putting my BMI at the high end of the normal.

People definitely notice my weight loss now. Many ask how I managed to do it. Some come right out and ask if I underwent weight loss surgery. I personally think that's pretty rude. No, I did not have surgery!

It's been almost 10 months since I downloaded the Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary app for my iPhone. By recording the calories consumed as well as any calories burned weight loss has really become a mathematical equation. I understand math. It's exacting with no room for errors or guesses.

I've managed this transformation because I am no longer relying on emotion and impulse to tell me when to eat and how much. Food is a source of energy, like gas for my car. When I stop at the gas station I can fill the tank, but it has a finite limit. Fuel in my vehicle's tank makes my engine go, and I can travel quite a while before having to refuel.

This analogy demonstrates my new view of food as fuel. First of all I use a fixed number of calories calculated to meet my body's daily need and allows me to lose about 2 pounds per week. I don't overfill the tank and exercise to burn off excess fuel if I do. Calories Eaten - Calories Burned via Exercise = 90 Pounds of Success.

I eat regular meals, and I never skip breakfast even if it's as simple as a cereal bar. Before, I often skipped breakfast and/or lunch eating only dinner. I never worried about portion size or considered food scores. Now, I really try to get the most bang for my calories and carefully consider my food choices. I try not to drink my calories! Let me make this clear. I love yummy food, and I prefer not to waste my calories on sugary sodas and fancy cocktails.

My job as a video editor is sedentary. My body was suffering from too little exercise. Once I gave myself permission to workout on a regular basis, it quickly became habit. I feel so much better not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. The rapid progress early on definitely kept me motivated. Today, I actually look forward to a 6 mile run or 12 mile bike ride. Exploring my neighborhood, city, parks and trails reduces stress and connects me to the world beyond my front door.

Although difficult at times, I've tried to stay positive. My journey is not a diet or exercise program. Instead, it's a lifestyle modification. That doesn't mean I never drink beer or eat pizza. It just means that 90% of the time I'm keeping close tabs on my intake.

Some reading this may struggle with his/her own weight or lack the motivation to exercise. My advice is to just start by doing something. It can be a walk around the block, throwing a baseball to your kid, not drinking that cola or choosing a banana over a brownie. Easy for me to say, right? Well, I've been 289 pounds, and I'm telling you I feel so much better! I never want to go back. Please, join me.